AccessPlus: Streamlined reimbursement
support services

AccessPlus supports your practice by offering comprehensive services built
around your patients’ needs:

  • Benefits Investigation
  • Reimbursement Support
  • Financial Assistance Resources
  • Product Acquisistion Flexibility

Confirmed Coverage for ILUVIEN Based on Benefit Verification

Here’s a list of national payers with confirmed coverage for ILUVIEN:

Click on a state for a summary of confirmed coverage of public and private payers for ILUVIEN.


This confirmed coverage is based on patient specific benefit verifications conducted by AccessPlus in each state. While we strive to keep this map as current and comprehensive as possible, it does not include all payers covering ILUVIEN because it is derived solely from the AccessPlus benefit verification process.

Please contact your local representative or reimbursement specialist for questions regarding specific payer policies in your area.

It is recommended that benefit verification be conducted for each patient in order to confirm coverage and identify patient financial responsibility for ILUVIEN.

Medicare MACs


AccessPlus Reimbursement for Physicians/Practices

Below you will find links to the AccessPlus program materials:

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How to Order ILUVIEN

To order ILUVIEN, contact your distributor today:

Besse Medical Ophthalmology
888.767.7123 | View Besse online catalog
ILUVIEN Order No. 44083

McKesson Plasma & Biologics
Iluvien order No. 3428968

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