We think you’ll agree, this is GREAT NEWS for Your DME Patients:

  • ILUVIEN significantly reduced retinal edema demonstrating management of the inflammation caused by DME
  • Patients using ILUVIEN had positive VA outcomes with significant gains in BCVA with best VA outcomes in patients treated earlier in their treatment regimen, as measured by fewer prior treatments (mean increase of 5.7 letters in those with ≤ 6 prior treatments and mean increase of 1.8 letters in those with > 6 prior treatments)
  • ILUVIEN patients benefited from a significant reduction in their DME treatment burden
  • IOP response with ILUVIEN is stable, predictable, and manageable (use of corticosteroids, including ILUVIEN, may produce posterior subcapsular cataracts, increase intraocular pressure and glaucoma)

*PALADIN was a phase 4, 3-year prospective observational (non-randomized, open-label) study in which patients received a 0.19 mg FAc intravitreal implant at baseline and then were observed for safety-, visual-, anatomic-, and treatment-burden-related outcomes for up to 36 months. A total of 202 eyes were included with 94 eyes completing 36 months of follow-up.