ILUVIEN Consignment Unit Replacement

Alimera Sciences is proud to offer consignment units to prescribing practices. These units are offered at no cost to your practice to allow you to always have an ILUVIEN on hand. Once a consignment unit is used, it will need to be replaced with a unit purchased by your practice. 

Consignment units can be used in a number of scenarios. Whether you want one on hand for last minute ILUVIEN injection appointments or as a backup in case of technical issues, consignment units can give you and your practice peace of mind.

When you use your consignment unit, please replace it through one of the options below. If you need additional assistance with your consignment unit, please contact your Alimera Clinical Account Specialist or email 

Contact YourDistributor
Contact Your
Expired UnitReplacement Form
Expired Unit
Replacement Form

Contact your distributor

When you have used a consignment unit in normal circumstances, you will need to purchase a unit to restock. Once you have received the unit, please put the consignment unit sleeve back on the package to denote that the unit is not regular inventory.

Besse Medical Ophthalmology
1 888 767 7123 | View Besse online catalog
ILUVIEN Order No. 44083

McKesson Specialty Health
1 855 477 9800 | View McKesson’s Ophthalmology site
ILUVIEN Order No. 5004970

Expired Unit Replacement Form

Download and fill out the Expired Unit Replacement Form to submit a request to replace an expired consignment unit. Alimera will review this form and determine if the unit will be replaced.

Email form to

Fax form to: 1 404 529 4676

Technical Complaint 

For any technical complaints (for consignment units or commercial units), please contact AccessPlus.

Contact AccessPlus 1 844 445 8843, Option 3