Vitrectomized Eyes

“Anti-VEGF injections every 6 to 8 weeks to maintain vision was a hefty burden for my patient. Post-ILUVIEN, she has not needed any additional therapy.”

— Christopher L. Haupert, MD

Results presented below are from a single case; results may vary.

Christopher L. Haupert, MD

Dr. Haupert is a vitreoretinal specialist licensed in the state of Iowa who practices at Iowa Retina Consultants.

Academic affiliations:

  • Medical School – University of Iowa, Carver College of Medicine, Iowa City, Iowa
  • Residency – Chief Resident at Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia
  • Fellowship – Vitreoretinal Surgical, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina

Patient profile1

Sex: Female
Age: 74
Diagnosis: DME
• DM: 29 years
• DME: 12 years
Treated eye: OD
Concomitant conditions: None
Treatment history:
• 1X Focal laser
• 14X Anti-VEGF
• 3X Corticosteroid
Notes: Pseudophakic

Reasons Dr. Haupert chose ILUVIEN:

  • Anti-VEGF injections were needed every 6 to 8 weeks to maintain vision
  • Patient considered the frequency of treatment to be burdensome
  • Prior response to corticosteroid therapy with no clinically significant increasein IOP
  • Desire to provide the patient with a long-lasting treatment

Patient outcome

  • Treatment reduced retinal edema within 4 months
  • Improvement in visual acuity was seen at 9 months
  • No clinically significant rise in IOP was observed
  • No additional treatment needed for 12 months post-ILUVIEN in vitrectomized eye

“Prior to ILUVIEN, I aggressively treated this patient’s macular edema to protect her vision. Since ILUVIEN, the patient’s edema has been controlled for over a year without need of any other injections.”

— Christopher L. Haupert, MD

Retinal thickness (μm)

Best corrected visual acuity (BCVA)

Intraocular pressure (IOP)

Selected OCT Scans


Visual Acuity: 20/40
Letters: 70
OCT: 500 μm
IOP: 13 mm Hg

After treatment with ILUVIEN

VitrectomizedEYES CASE

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Review data from a small study of patients with vitrectomized
eyes who received treatment with ILUVIEN.