ILUVIEN® (fluocinolone acetonide intravitreal implant) 0.19 mg may be appropriate for any patient with persistent diabetic macular edema (DME)

Consider ILUVIEN for the following patients with DME:

Consider ILUVIEN for phakic patients with DME, particularly those aged > 50 years and/or with developing cataracts

Patients with diabetes are 2 to 5 times more prone to cataract development2

In the ILUVIEN Phase 3 clinical trials:

  • 92% of patients were aged > 50 years3,4
  • 65% of all patients were phakic5
  • 83% of phakic patients had evidence of some cataract at baseline3

After cataract extraction, phakic patients treated with ILUVIEN had long-term VA outcomes similar to those observed in pseudophakic patients in the Phase 3 clinical trials6

FAME data: Patients gaining ≥ 15 letters based on lens status at baseline6


Phakic > Pseudophakic during study1

Data from 48 patients who remained phakic throughout study are not shown in the graph or table.


Data from the USER Study confirm the efficacy of ILUVIEN
in a variety of patients with persistent DME.

PATIENTcase study
case study

See why Dr. Miller chose ILUVIEN for a
phakic patient in his practice.